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Net Cam 16

See there & control there when you cant be there!

Net Cam 16 for iPad,iPod,iPhone

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  - Exchange function to allow your other devices to receive the camera configurations easily.
- Supports 16 Network cameras.
- Supports Insteon & X10 Device control via Insteon, SmartLinc 2412N controller
- Supports playback of alarm buffer JPG's from Panasonic cameras.
- Supports stretching video to fill screen.
- Supports Rotation, Portrait & Landscape.
- Supports viewing 4 or up to 8 camera on a single screen (multi view)
- Supports activating the first 10 preset positions of the cameras and the home position.
- Supports programming the first 10 preset positions of the cameras.
- Pan/Tilt & 'Optical Zoom' on supported cameras. Touch and hold or step operation for Foscam cameras.
- Keep alive option which let's you adjust your video streaming to best fit your bandwidth, enabling fast switching.
- Capture images to camera roll by clicking camera icon.
- Email function to capture image of video and attach to an email.
- Supports inverted (mounted on the ceiling) cameras.
- Supports mirror image option for Foscam cameras.
- Supports flip image option for Foscam cameras.
- Supports remote rebooting of cameras.
- Supports enabling and disabling motion detection for a single camera and a global option for all cameras.
- Supports turning on or off of IR/LED Illuminators.
- Function to sequence through your choice of presets of each camera.
- Supports native 640x480 camera resolution for full view and 320x240 for multi view on iPad.
- Supports native 320x240 camera resolution on iPhone & iPod.
- Supports hi-resolution selection per camera
- Keep Alive: This option will keep the camera connected when switching to another camera view. This will keep the video active so the video is instant when returning to the view.
Trouble Shooting:
  • I just get a white screen with a spinning indicator:
    A common cause is there is NO password is assigned to the camera. Please just add a user to the camera and assign it a password.

  • I just get a white screen with a spinning indicator:
    A common cause is users are entering "http://" in the URL field. This is not required, please try removing the "http://" (I have corrected this in version 1.3 to be in the app store as a free update by May 11th)

  • I just get a white screen for my Foscam camera:
    I have seen where the "Mode" of the camera is set to "50hz" or "60hz" instead of "Outdoor" This causes the camera to display a white screen because the camera is very sensitive to light. Try changing the mode to "Outdoor"

  • Operating and setting the presets on Foscam cameras:
    It appears that Foscam camera have the presets disabled by default. Therefore you will need to log in to your Foscam Camera via a browser, then go to the 'Device Management' screen then 'PTZ settings' then deselect the checkbox 'disable preset'


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If you are having trouble connecting to your camera but other apps connect just fine, it is most likely because you do not have a password assigned to on the camera.
It is good practice to protect your cameras with a password! for Panasonic & Axis cameras, you do not need to setup a password on the camera but you will have to enter one in 'Net Cam'... The camera will just ignore the password and connect. For Foscam cameras, you MUST add a username and password in the camera and in the 'Net Cam' app.