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Home Call ID to iPhone

Home Call ID to iPhone for Windows and iPhone, iPad, iPod

Home Call ID to iPhone for Windows and iPhone, iPad, iPod

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1. Windows PC with Media Center (Win7, Vista, MCE)


2. iPhone, iPad, iPod


3. Devices must be on same network


4. A modem installed in the PC that supports Caller ID

5. Caller ID service from the phone company

  Setup Instruction:

If you would like for me to add a specific function, please contact me and let me know.

1. Download the Home Call ID to iPhone Server Installation Package

  • Updated on 04-06-2013!
    This is a link to a new exe with new features for the Apple App version 1.4 ../downloads/Home Call ID to iPhone.exe(Replace your existing installed exe with this version to get new features. You will need to reselect the modem the first time you launch the updated app)
    The original EXE should be located in C:\Program Files\GAF\Home Caller ID Install\

  • In this new version if you select a "Comm Port" for the proper modem and you have the number selected to reject, the modem will answer with a FAX tone then hang up 5 seconds later. This will tell most Robo callers to remove your number as it will think it is not a voice number.

2. Install the Home Call ID toiPhone Server

Note: You will need to know the IP Address of the Windows PC

4. Ensure that all firewalls are configured to allow the MCE Remote server to communicate on port 8889 > 8893. (this step is most likely not necessary, but if you have trouble connecting, please check this)

5. Launch the Home Call ID to iPhone from the shortcut on your desktop

6. Start the Home Call ID application on your iPhone/iPod or iPad... Click the button with the question mark and enter the 'IP Address' of the server and the 'Port' to use on the server. (The default ports are 8889, 8890, 8891, 8892, 8893 but you can change these)

Note: When Home Call ID Server first starts on your computer, a message will be displayed asking if you would like to allow access. Choose yes to allow access.

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